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Stylish Sun Protection

Sun safety has never looked so good! We’ve curated a selection of sunglasses that do more than just protect your eyes from harmful UV rays–they also add to your look.

Think of Exhibit Collectors + Creatives as the Vancouver hot spot for trendy, funky, and unique sunglasses. We offer a fun and collaborative styling experience, so don’t be surprised if you fall in love with more than one pair.

Our Brands

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Caroline Abram

Optician turned designer, Caroline Abram knows what eyewear needs and the fashion people want. Her style is soft enough to be approachable, while striking enough to be considered trendy. Her line of simple statement glasses are so popular she has expanded to include a children’s line.

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With eyewear designs that became a cult classic in the 1980s, Cazal frames quickly became famous for their extravagant style.  Aiming to be over the top with attention-grabbing shapes and bold details, Cazal makes frames that will certainly be a unique addition to your wardrobe.

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Cutler and Gross

Founded in 1969, British luxury eyewear brand Cutler and Gross combine the finest Italian craftsmanship with irrefutably cool style. Since its establishment in fashion’s halcyon days, the brand’s signature creativity has been applied to sunglasses, and optical frames with their trademark numbered designs and absence of an ostentatious logo.

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Etnia Barcelona

Independent brand of eyewear that has created a wide range of colors and designs for everyone who wants to express themselves: Impersonality kills.

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At KREWE, we lead with design and let culture drive the rest. Inspired by the endless diversity of life around us, we infuse that same creative energy and spirit into every pair of our exceptional, hand-crafted frames — giving you the freedom to #DoYou and, of course, enjoy the sun.

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Based in Holland, Outspoken offers lines of frames for all age ranges (including a fantastic Outspoken Kids line). Playing with colours, patterns, shapes, and materials, Outspoken lenses are exactly what their name implies: loud, distinctive pieces of eyewear that truly can’t be missed.

A Style That’s
Totally You-nique

Everything about you is unique. From the features of your face, to the clothes that you wear, and how you define yourself as a human on this earth. 

You deserve glasses that feel like they were made for you. When you put them on, you become you-2-point—OH, hello there.

Exhibit Collectors + Creatives want to help get you there. You never know what you might find—something unexpected could be your match made in heaven.

Our Booking Options

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Styling Consultation

You, us, and a whole lotta style. Let’s find your perfect frames before the sun goes down and see how they can transform your vibe.

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After Hours Party

Time to break out the glasses—and we don’t just mean eyewear. Bring some friends for this exclusive VIP-style event.

Where We Are

We love our home in Kitsilano, conveniently located on West 4th by Macdonald St (right near The Naam—yum!).

Bonus: Parking is always available out front.

Our Address

  • 2675 West 4th Ave.
  • Vancouver, BC

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